Richard Edelman


6' x 3' x 10'

Stainless Steel



‚ÄčBoerner Botanical Gardens, Milwaukee, Wisconsin2014Richard Edelman

I had it in my mind to create a very formal series in stainless of the traditional four elements. I wanted something reduced. I don't always start with a plan. Here, I did


EARTH is a simple disk from the front, but a more complex object from the back side. It rests on the shoulders of Hercules who holds up the heavenly spheres.


WIND is built on a screw conveyor image with teeth added. Its base is a bent I-beam section, meant to convey power.


FIRE has a special burnt blue and purple patina added through heating and blowing hot gases.


WATER consists of a screw conveyor section vertically configured to show plunging water. The circles are lily pads.