Richard Edelman


Industrial gears transmit power. Torque and torsion are associated with this power. Gears are very hard and nearly impossible to deform with heat and hammers. So, although they transmit power, gears, in themselves, are rigid.


For the visual artist the human torso also transmits power. The root of the word torso links it to torque and torsion. In these assemblages I work directly with the torque and torsion of machined gears to create classical human torsos like Venus and Mercury.


All gears are designated by a ratio, for example 3:1. Often I place isolated gears in my sculptures to suggest a rational core to creation: I believe that 2+2=4 even without a physical universe. However in my Geared Torsos  the ratio becomes the surface and the core at once. While I much admire Torso of A Young Man by Raymond Duchamp for its explosive industrial power and projection into space, my torsos are in fact more conservative and contemplative, meant to reveal Platonic ideals of order, motion, and rest.



5' x 3' x 2'

Painted Steel