Richard Edelman


3' x 3' x 1.5'





Richard Edelman

I love the blood and guts of the Old Testament stories, starting with God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test of his fidelity. When the knife is about to drop, an angel appears and stops the hand of Abraham.


Bronze casting is an ancient process dating to early biblical times and it has a great narrative power. I have tried to capture Abraham at the moment God asks him to sacrifice his son on an alter. Isaac is seen with the kindling sticks on his back wondering aloud 'where is the animal for the sacrifice?' A wild ram is seen caught by its horn in a thicket and is sacrificed in his stead.


The ram's horn is blown as a call to worship. More importantly its haunting blast is a cry for freedom.


After completing the sculpture of the wild ram's head, I made separate castings of the left and right horns. I mounted these two sculptures on a pyramid in order to also tie the presentation to Egypt. The tombs of the Pharaohs contained brass and gold rams in a thicket.