Richard Edelman

JANUARY 5, 2014



These are photographs of my work in progress over this winter, THREE DANCERS, as well as a video and photos of the models.


LITTLE DANCER, AGED 14 was installed at an 18-ft. scale in Gas Light Park in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward in the summer of 2013. I had spent many years refining that image and each of its eight crescents. The little dancer has been central to my work in both emotional and formal terms. I wanted to make use of the same formal elements....the exact same crescents, circles, and bent additional dancer renderings.


When the Third Ward Association mentioned that it would be interested in an installation in Pocket Park, I considered several treatments and finally settled on the idea of three dancers. Each use only the identical pieces employed in LITTLE DANCER, AGED  14.


The space was unique. Essentially it was the site of a former factory, now owned by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and overseen by an expressway off ramp. The site was large and required substantial pieces. I settled on a 20-ft. scale, further elevated by large lannon stone bases that allow the figures to anchor the space at ground level. The tallest figure rises head and shoulders above the expressway ramp, making it visible to drivers.


They are titled ON POINT, SWAN LAKE, and ARABESQUE. They are all tall, and each rests on one toe. To stabilize the grouping, i tied each figure to the next at one point, forming a stable triangulated structure like three legs of a stool.